Dear Sirs!

We, private enterprise “TD” Forsage Instrument Bel”, are pleased to welcome all the people who have been knowing us in work for a long time, and those people who have just got acquainted with us and is aimed at mutually beneficial and reliable cooperation. Many professionals and car enthusiasts know our logo.

For last 16 years of our specialists` work we had been striving to pull together more than 17000 items of professional and amateur tools for automobile repair and other technical fields of activity.

We have always been striving and doing our best to keep the right balance between expensive tools with objectively increased demands to the quality and tools that are cheap but not durable. In the result we managed to create a wide range of automobile repair tools with our own quality standard that is checked by practice and time.

Direct shipments from suppliers from Taiwan, China, India, well-considered and competent logistic work of our company allows us to fulfill any order in time and keep reasonable stock at our warehouses.  Our goods` traffic from the manufacturer to the customer hasn`t got such element as mediator.

Our company doesn`t stand still but is rapidly developing in the direction of supporting of current brands such as: RockFORCE, FORSAGE, РARTNER, BaumAuto, King Tul, Forsage electro and developing new ones.

Success of any company directly depends on the success of its partners – dealers. Competent, gradual policy and individual approach of our company`s guidance towards its partners, allowed to develop significant and efficient dealer network. The geography of our products` sales covers all regions of Belarus, Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg) and CIS countries. In this direction we don`t stop there and invite for cooperation everyone interested in the common success (companies, individuals).

Our goods (tools, equipment) on their grade meet the requirements of the most demanding clients from professional to amateur.

In addition to RockFORCE brand we are glad to present you another our own brand FORSAGE. FORSAGE instruments include wide assortment of equipment and tools such as: professional and semi-professional tool sets, nut wrenches, drive sockets, bits, socket bits, ratchets, extensions, hinged pliers, dielectric tools, screwdrivers, special tools and devices, pneumatic tools, pipe taps and tapping dies, workbenches, service tool cabinets and tool boxes, jacks (bottle jacks, floor jacks, rack jacks), hoists, tire changers, wheel balancing machines, transmission jacks, engine stands, hydraulic cranes, shop presses, compressors, spring clamps, etc. By their technical parameters and demands to the functioning FORSAGE tools and equipment refer to the professional level and comply with the professional quality.

I`d like to draw your attention, dear consumer, that the goods under above mentioned brands RockFORCE and FORSAGE are produced only at plants that are located in Taiwan.

The category of semi-professional tool that is intended for the performing of technical works that are less complicated, but at the same time responsible, is presented by our own brand PARTNER (China production).  Tool under PARTNER brand name has appeared in Belarussian market not so long ago, but has already gained positive reputation along with other competing representatives of this category. Reliability, quality and affordability of goods under this brand name allowed us to form a wide assortment that let our clients (consumers) equip their workshops beginning with ratchets, combination pliers, hammers, pullers, reamers and etc., as well as with hand tools (tool sets, wrenches, sockets, bits, screwdrivers) and fulfill rather difficult repair in conditions of “garage” or “on wheels”.

Representatives of, as they say, “noobs”, people who are just beginners in auto repair will benefit as well. The category of amateur tool we`ve represented by two brands: BaumAuto (China and India production) and King Tul (China production). Price range of this tool doesn`t mean that the tool is bad or not reliable. You, dear client, should understand that the main factors of pricing are delivery volumes and competent logistics. You will easily achieve your targets in conditions of home, workshop or on the road and minimize your financial expense, by purchasing of these brands` instrument. Regular review of consumers` demand let us deliver the goods that are needed in above mentioned terms. The product range is presented by following items: tool sets, L- type HEX and TORX wrenches sets, drive sockets sets, extensions, ratchets, universal joint extensions, bit sets, сross wheel nut wrenches, L-type wheel nut wrenches, pullers, special tool and device sets.  

Power tool plays important role in people`s life. We are happy to suggest all the willing buyers proper and high-quality power tool for domestic uses by our brand Forsage electro. This instrument is designed for carrying out occasional works, that don`t demand special precision and high standard. Operating mode is intermittent cycle. In the manuals to this instrument it`s directly noted: “Not for commercial use”. In the case of choosing of Forsage electro power tool, you are getting competitive and acceptable price, quality and functionality. You should remember, every operation has its specificity, demands its power level, tool rotation and duration time. Instrument work with overloading or at full capacity will lead to its failure. Good universal instrument doesn`t exist in nature. Easy way: drill should do only drilling work, perforator should only perforate and cordless driver drill should only wrap the screws. You can choose the instrument with additional functions only in the case when using of that functions will reach from 15 to 20 % of estimated work volume. 

According to power tool`s function we are ready to propose you perforators, Li-ion or Ni-cd cordless driver drills and electric drills, electric impact drills, angle grinders, electric sanders, industrial heat guns, air wrenches, electric hand engravers.

I should also mention that our company is very serious about maintenance of our warranty obligations to our partners and clients. We have upgraded our company`s guarantee policy. In it we described in details all the demands, obligations and recommendations to participants of trade transaction.  The text and samples of warranty cards are published at our company`s site with the only aim, to introduce and inform all the interest parties about changes and additions and point out the importance of this question in the relationship of seller and customer within the law.

In conclusion, I`d like to express our gratitude to all the people who`ve made THEIR choice and for many years have been remaining our reliable and regular clients and partners. And to all the people who are in the process of choosing of their partner I am expressing our pep talk and assurance of reliability and stability of our company.

Yours faithfully,
Oleg Kotlobay


Private enterprise “TD” Forsage Instrument Bel”